Holiday Studio Kanata
Santa Returns to Hazeldean Mall on Saturday, November 19, 2022
Visiting Santa at Hazeldean Mall in Kanata
November 19 to December 24, 2022
There are two options for visiting Santa at Hazeldean Mall in 2022

1. Prepaid Visit Reservation: $39.49 including HST
A three-minute guaranteed appointment, within the hour time block that the reservation is made for, complete with Santa Claus visit and all of the digital photographs we make (minimum of 10) delivered to your email.

2. Visit at no charge
While you cannot take your own pictures you can line up in the area designated for people without reservations and if/when a three minute appointment time is available you're in! At your request, we'll take pictures and show you the pictures at the end and if you would like to purchase the digital pictures the price will be $44.49 including HST

*Pet-friendly Mondays - for friendly family cats and dogs

We prioritize visitors who have prepaid visits so if you would like to "just visit" you can see how busy we are by clicking the reservation link for any open spaces!


We have a reservation but we'll be late, or cannot make it, what do we do?
You can show up a little late, or a little early, and can reschedule or cancel your reservation up to 2 hours prior to your reservation for any reason, using the button on your email confirmation.

Your reservation is for within the one-hour time block in which it is set. Therefore we take the first visitors who have their reservations in that one-hour time block. This means you can arrive up to 15-minutes early or up to 15 minutes late and you will be prioritized based on when you have arrived.

If you need to reschedule your appointment to a later time or to a different date you can do so (using your confirmation email) up to 2 hours before the reservation takes place. If you choose to cancel your appointment you can do this following the same process - a refund will be issued within 24 hours and the credit should appear on your account statement within the week.

Why are the appointments shorter this year?
We're in the middle of the mall and Santa will be out in the open.

The last two years were an interesting time for everyone. We adjusted to safety requirements by implementing masking, cleaning, Santa breaks, Santa behind the couch, Santa beside the couch, social distancing and all appointments made online with checking in process. All of these added to the amount of time needed to create the best experience possible. We learned a lot from this - most notably that visitors loved being able to make appointments so that they wouldn't have to stand in a line for three hours.

Making plans for the, hopefully, post-pandemic world we are learning from the last year with safety procedures in place and will now have Santa seated on the couch when you arrive - this simple step will allow us to go from 5-minute appointments to 3-minutes.

Can we take our own pictures?
Holiday Studio has exclusive rights to take pictures within the fenced-in area.

Holiday Studio is operated independently from the shopping centre with the only source of income to pay for staff coming from sales of digital photographs. In addition to this visits are tightly scheduled and, in our experience, people taking their own pictures will lose track of time and go over their allotted appointment time causing delays and stress for other visitors. For these reasons, we reserve the exclusive rights to taking pictures. This being said visiting Santa is free and you are welcome to take pictures (of your own children) from outside the fenced area. 
Please note: as we are out in the open we are vigilant about making sure that, for safety reasons, strangers are not taking pictures of your children, for this reason, we ask that you identify yourself to staff prior to taking pictures outside the fenced-in area.